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EG4 6000XP Off-Grid Inverter | 8000W PV Input | 6000W Output | 480V VOC Input | 48V 120/240V Split Phase | All-In-One Solar Inverter



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The EG4 6000XP is a cutting-edge 48V split-phase, off-grid inverter and charger, designed to revolutionize your energy needs. With an impressive 8kW of PV input capacity and an efficient 6kW continuous power output, it also serves as a battery 140A charger. What sets it apart is its scalability – you can parallel up to 16 units for an impressive 96kWs of output power while controlling multiple stations and units seamlessly using our advanced EG4 monitoring software.
Performance Components
6000W rated output power
Parallel up to 16 units for 96kWs of output power
Built-in Switchgear for reduced installation costs and enhanced safety
Save up to $300 with built-in breakers, disconnects and more!
Transformer-Free Design
Dedicated Generator Connection
Inverter, AC Charger, and Solar Charge Controller
Everything needed to get started
Simple to install, easy to manage
Manages power from energy storage systems, and grid simultaneously
120/240V split phase
MPPT Efficiency 99%
Outperforms similar-sized competitors by an average of 7%
Battery Charging Efficiency 93%
Battery Discharging Efficiency 93%
50W Idle Consumption (with battery)
EG4 Monitoring App
Google Play
App Store
Comprehensive Certifications
UL 1741
Ingress Protection Rating: IP20


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