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EG4 BrightMount Solar Panel Ground Mount Rack Kit | 4 Panel Ground Mount | Adjustable Angle (Pre-Order)



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PRE-ORDER: Expected To Ship Early-June
New Feature: Adjustable Angle! (25-35 Degree Adjustment)
Built to last using high-quality aluminum and stainless steel alloys, the EG4 solar panel ground mount will stand firm even in winds up to 105 mph. EG4’s attention to quality and customer has produced a cost-effective, low-profile solution meaning that you can set these up anywhere and count on them to last. We back our rack with a 10-year mechanical warranty so that you know your array is secure for years to come. However, our hardware isn’t just durable, it’s also simple! 
With just a few tools, you can assemble the entire rack alone, no assistance is needed. This makes it a perfect choice for homeowners and installers alike by cutting labor costs and streamlining the installation process. 
Cost-Effective Yet Outstanding Durability
Aluminum/Steel Alloy
Lightweight, strong, and weather resistant. 
Rated to Withstand Winds Up to 105mph.
Low Profile Design
Simple Design – Install Almost Anywhere!
Quality Assurance
Backed By a 10-Year Warranty
BrightMount Versatility
Multiple Terrains
Concrete, wood, soil with appropriate substructure
Flat Top Roof(tied to struts)
Adjustable Angle: 25° – 35° for all around maximum solar absorption.
Supports up to 4 solar panels (44 inches wide or less)
Easy Installation
Minimal tools needed
Optional concrete if needed with a masonry drill bit
Gloves, drill or wrench, tape measure & level
Can be Assembled in ~30 minutes
Recommended Tools/Safety Equipment 
Work gloves, cordless drill/driver, monkey wrench, 12.5mm drill bit, Allen wrench, measuring device, level. 
Rails:4x | 1591011-SP24 | EG4 BrightMount Rail | 2280mm | 89.76 InMounts:4x EG4 25 Degree MountsGusset:6x EG4 L-Connector for RailsRail Connector:2x EG4 Rail Connector With Bonding JumperEnd-Clamps:4x EG4 End Clamp 30mm4x EG4 End Clamp 35mm4x EG4 End Clamp 40mmMid-Clamps:Fits 30mm to 40mmLugs:2x EG4 Earth Lug Extruded 6005Grounding Clips & Wire Management:6x EG4 Grounding Clip SS3044x PV Cable Lip(Wire Management) – 2 WireExpansion Screw:16x EG4 Expansion Screw 10*100


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