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Growatt 2.2kW 3HP Solar Pump Inverter l Water Pump Inverter | Grid-Assisted | SPI 2200TL2-HV


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Solar Pump Inverters allows power to be switched from the DC power obtained from solar panels and grid to the AC power needed to control various AC motor water pumps. Growatt’s pump inverter is built-in with a boost circuit for MPPT control system to maintain solar power, and able to set the priority of PV and utility grid input.
PV Power & Grid Assist. Not enough Solar? Grid-assist to keep pump running.
MPPT efficiency up to 99%
IP65 protection level suitable for harsh outdoor environments
Wide PV input voltage up to 450V to reduce balance of system (BOS) cost
Built-in booster module, flexible solar panel configuration
Support PV and AC double input
Water level control functions
Dry-running protection
Self cooling and maintenance-free design
Remote monitor and smart control system (optional)


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