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Tigo RSS Signal Detector



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Tigo’s RSS Signal Detector is a functionality testing device for sensing the power line communication (PLC) signal from the Tigo RSS Transmitter to the TS4-F or TS4-R-F (Fire Safety) units. The Detector is used during installation to verify that the TS4-F units are receiving the keep-alive signal from the Transmitter. This is the handheld, failsafe tool to confirm that your PV system is compliant with NEC 2017 690.12 rapid shutdown specifications. RSS Signal Detector Operation:Test each TS4-F unit with the RSS Signal Detector to confirm the presence of a keep-alive signal. With the TS4-F, TS4-R-F, or TS4-A-F units fully installed and the RSS Transmitter connected and powered on, place the sensor area of the RSS Signal Detector within 2in (5cm) of a TS4-F unit. When the keep-alive signal is detected, the LED will change from blue to yellow and an audible alert will sound to confirm.


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