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Tigo TS4-A-F | Rapid Shutdown | 15A, 700W, 1500VUL/1000VIEC | MC4, 1.2M Cable



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NOTE: This unit requires a Tigo RSS Transmitter.
The TS4-A-F enables cost-effective rapid shutdown functionality in a 1 module to 1 TS4 configuration. The TS4-A-F is both IEC and UL certified for global acceptance. The TS4-A-F is a UL PV Rapid Shutdown System (PVRSS) certified with hundreds of inverters to comply with NEC 2014, 2017, and 2020 rapid shutdown requirements. Many inverters have integrated the RSS transmitter, which communicates with the TS4-A-F over PLC, enabling plug-and-play installations.Functions
Rapid Shutdown
Features and Benefits
Up to 700W channel
IEC and UL certified
Meets US NEC rapid shutdown safety requirements
UL PVRSS certified with the largest network of inverters
16-80V, up to 15A (per channel)
MC4 (standard) connectors
Snaps to module frame for easy mounting
Does not require a ground wire
PLC communication
25-year warranty
Configuration1 solar module per TS4


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